Thursday, September 26, 2013

For the Love of Gracie
by Amy McClung

Published: August 15, 2013


Gracie Walker doesn't have much luck with finding Prince Charming. Hudson James enters her life, the bad boy who gives her a reason to hope that he is Mr. Right. Gracie's problem is, she doesn't fall for the right guys. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee where the nightlife is always hopping. She spends her days in college and her nights hanging out with her closest friends at local bars. Her best friend Cameron is her rock. Cameron introduces his friend Ashton into Gracie's life and it changes everything. Ashton manages to make her fall head over heels for him, without even knowing it. He's the perfect guy. He's sweet, charming, funny, and unbelievably gorgeous. They have so much in common, including the fact that they are both attracted to men. Gracie is determined to make things work with Hudson and forget her feelings for Ashton. That's easier said than done. An event happens and it changes her life forever. Cameron struggles with his inability to protect Gracie from her own choices in life. Ashton blames himself for not noticing the signs. Who will be the one to pick her up when she falls? Will Gracie be able to have a normal life? What lengths will someone go to…For the Love of Gracie?


I was given this book to do a honest review. 
I thought the author did a great job to portray all the characters. Gracie is a young lady, who was just searching for love but always found jerks. but love does funny things and when she wasn't looking she found love for Ash. "being gay" she opened up to him like she would a friend .... but what she wasn't expecting to do is fall for this gay guy. The story has many parts that just wants you to just choke someone and many parts where you just fall in love with the story. I find this book is a book many people can relate to from their own experience. It just shows that even if your life is full of Hudsons there is a Ash for Everyone. Gracie didn't have to experience anything alone she had her room mates and her best friend Cameron that is a life alot of us wishes we had. I rate this book a 5 for not only giving me another book boyfriend but for the awesome book that I and many more can relate to!. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

by: Quenby Olson
268 pages
  • Publisher: World Tree Publishing (June 10, 2013)

When seventeen-year-old Olivia Davies receives a phone call from her estranged father in the middle of the night, she’s in for a huge shock. Her father is getting married - again - and he wants her to be at the wedding. So over summer break, Olivia packs her bags and makes the trip back to England to meet her future stepmother. But instead of the middle-aged woman she expected, Olivia finds herself introduced to Emmy Balfour, a stunning blonde young enough to be her sister. And if that wasn’t enough, she also finds herself dealing with the disapproval of Emmy’s older brother, Ian, a man for whom “polite” and “respect” seem to be four-letter words.

With only three weeks until the wedding, Olivia struggles to stay afloat while navigating the treacherous waters of wedding planners, aristocracy, and bridesmaid’s dresses - not to mention the bridesmaids in the dresses. But just when she thinks everything is finally settling down, a few well-timed lies threaten to destroy her father’s chance at happiness. As a last resort, Olivia must work with Ian in an attempt to set things right, a partnership that forces her to decide if keeping him at a distance or disregarding her first impressions of him will cause her to step up and make a few changes in her own life.


I was given this book to do a honest review. 
This is a book you can not judge by the cover. I was skeptic when I first saw this book. I didn't think I would like it...yes I guess I do judge the book by the cover.. and this cover I didn't find appealing.
BUT!!!! I read the book. And I read.... and I read... the book was awesome.... I couldn't wait to find out what happened in the end! The book was a book of cliff hangers it made you want more and more .... This is def a book I would recommend a reader that loves this genre!

Fangs Chronicles Mandy's story 
by D'Elen McClain
136 pages
Published: Bad Luck Publishing (July 15, 2013) 


Mandy’s Story is a standalone, humorous and little bit kinky side story to the Fang Chronicles series. 

Every beastkind knows you don’t mess with a Kodiak bear—everyone that is except Mandy, the wolf-pack Alpha’s sister. When Mandy hears whispers that the bad attitude bear, Honey, has chosen a mate, she takes matters into her own hands because her wolf decided months before that Honey was hers. If drugging, kidnapping, and making him live in a feral cage won’t work she’s planning to give Honey a little bad attitude of her own.

The bear clan is ferocious, deadly, and their fighting skills coveted by other "beastkind". With war on the horizon, Honey has little time for games or courting much less more than a few grunts of acknowledgement to a young she-wolf who seems to be everywhere he looks. When he wakes up in a feral cage at the hands of that same exasperating she-wolf… all bets are off.

If anyone thought bears and wolves don’t mix, they've never seen Mandy on a mission. She refuses to give into the sexy he-bear when he tries to seduce her out of her tight little assets and himself out of the cage she’s locked him in. Two can play that game and in the end Honey will learn, they both need to win, or else.

Mandy, a werewolf shape shifter, takes matters into her own hands to get her intended mate Honey, a Kodiak bear shape shifter. By shooting the bear with a tranquilizer gun she kidnaps him and takes him to a place she remembers from growing up. She is hoping that the Stockholm's syndrome with make him want to mate with her. What she didn't know is that he had plans to mate with her when she became of age. The story is about the two opposites falling for each other and introducing their culture to one another. The book is funny, exciting  romantic and more... I really enjoyed the book and look forward to read the other Fang Chronicle Stories.  
This book has Alpha bears in it but it does not have the Alpha bear fights or the Alpha Wolf fights.
Mandy saw what she wanted and did what she felt was best to get what she wanted! love it!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shattered Grace Review

Shattered Grace Review
by K Anne Raines

Published: March 6, 2013

Pages: 412
Purchase: Amazon


Seventeen-year-old Grace grows up knowing she’s different, but she always attributed it to a mother who didn’t want her, a father who abandoned her, and a curse that sets her apart. Despite those struggles, her grandfather remained her rock and confidant. Her life irrevocably shatters the day her grandfather dies. The day of his funeral sets off a chain of events, making Grace question everything she’s ever known to be true, and as a result, who she can truly trust. She inherits his house, part of his money, his Guardian and something that ties them together. Just before Grace’s 18th birthday, she is thrust into a world she couldn't fathom existed and does everything she can to thwart the destiny suddenly forced upon her. She’s been chosen for greatness, but at what cost? With eyes now open, she must choose to either be Chosen, or watch those around her suffer the consequences. Torn between the man who’s come to protect her and the one sent to destroy her, she teeters on the edge of decision, trying to come to grips with who she is, what she wants and what all of that means for her, those she loves and the rest of mankind.


"Broken hearts don't count as physical hurt? Grace asked tersely. She watched Quentin wince. "Didn't think so." She looked away. 
"Grace, " Quentin said softly.
"What? Your a guy, you just don't get it."
Quentin cocked an eyebrow, and bent his head slightly. "Do you want me to explain how I do get it, or do you want to talk about your questions?"
Resisting the other sharp retorts fighting to come out, she shook her head. "I have other things I want to talk about" A sudden thought sent and uneasy tingle running through her. "Is Darius going to hurt me, is that why you told me?"


The book starts off with Grace, a high school student, who just lost the only family she confided and trusted. Growing up had been hard on her, she always felt not wanted or felt like the family didn't like her. 

She had a few friends, one best friend, that since she got a boyfriend had been spending less and less time with her. Grace had inherited her grandfathers house, money, and one special thing. 
The story is about how she struggles to learn about her self and this other world. She is caught between  her destiny and her life she wants or wanted. She met the one person her grandfather trusted and has came to trust him as-well  Quentin, her guide and her protector. They have a bond together that reminds me of other books that had main characters with a bond. While both Quentin and Grace fight feelings for each other Grace meets a bad boy Darius. From there the story begins. 
I enjoyed the book. The author did a great job making you feel like u were one of the characters. (which is what i look for in a book). It had a great flow, I didn't have to put down the book and go What???? Paranormal books are my weakness, that and romance.K Anne Raines did a great job combining the two. I can't wait to read the next book in this series. It has a brilliant plot, with hidden surprises that kept me wanting more throughout the story. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

 Chasing Victory (The Winter Sisters #1)

# Pages:286
Published: March 15, 13

Sysnposis :

Doctor Doolittle in female form creates X-Men on steroids. Murder, kidnapping, and blackmail follow as world-renowned geneticist Victory Winters is forced to pursue her research on canine DNA.

Victory possesses an unusual innate sense of communication, boarding on telepathic when relating to animals. This unique ability has elevated her status to world renowned genetic research specialist. She is kidnapped and blackmailed with threats to her family, forcing her to work for a rival corporation, Biotec and run by a madman CEO.

Naval officer Tristan Farraday is sent undercover to track Biotec’s experiments. These experiments involve implanting genus canis DNA into humans thereby manipulating their genetic makeup, in hopes to create the perfect soldier.

First suspecting Victory as being associated with Biotec, Tristan later realizes that she has been pulled into this world against her wishes. Victory refuses to divulge the genetic answers Biotec demands. She believes Biotec is looking to exploit her findings, by using them in a destructive manner. Will Tristan be able to rescue her from this madman’s grip and save her family? Can he keep the research Victory discovers away from enemy hands?


I enjoyed this book, it is not compared to anything I have read before. The author did a wonderful job bringing not only Romance in to the book but suspense, action and adventure.
She caught the reader in the first chapter.

This story is about a young lady who is a research specialist. Her friend from years ago called her one day needing her to meet him. She did so and in turn got into something she didn't think would ever happen to her. She was kidnapped and forced to work on a project that was not ready to be experimented in humans. She was forced to work on a DNA of humans and DNA of canine that was injected into human lab rats before finalized. She experiences being kidnapped , falling in love, learned new things about her, being captured to be kidnapped again, and a near death experience. 
This is definitely a book to read and a Author to follow for more adventures. 

5 stars from me!