Sunday, February 2, 2014

Love Came Back


 Pages: 318
Published: January 10,2014
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*****For mature readers, due to sexual content, graphic language, violence and domestic abuse, not intended for young adult readers. *****

Book Descripton:
 Danger. Passion. Friendship. Heartbreak. A love that is timeless.
They say if you love someone, you should set them free. What if, you don't have a choice? What if you're forced apart by circumstances out of your control?

Siddaleigh Carrington is a small town girl with big dreams. Konner O'Brian is a young injured Navy SEAL. Neither are looking love. But fate had other ideas.

Just as sparks ignite, Konner is called away to duty and the pair lose contact. Sidda tries to move on... with a man who isn't as he seems.

Years pass and Sidda finds herself face to face with Konner, the man she longed for but thought she would never see again. Konner soon realizes that the woman he once knew is held hostage by a painful past that only he can help her overcome.

And once she's free, Konner is hoping that their love will come back.


I loved the story... I hits so many peoples life, problems, etc.
 It is about a young girl, who falls in love at the age of 17, to the guy who she is positive is "The One", she has the tingles when he touches her and everything. He is a Navy Seal so he leaves for a job and they loose contact. She waited and waited for her love to come back, she drug her self down to a complete depression in the wait. She decides to move on. She meets a new guy, who she knew she did not get the same tingle that she got from her first love, but she thought they could be something good. She moves in with him, and finds out he is not what she expected. 
She goes through a lot... but in all the crap she delt with and survived from she grew up, and found her self living the life she wanted. But did she have everything? 
I'm going to say it again... I did like the story. With everything you like, there is always something you don't like. My opinion of the Dialect between the characters were not like a average person talks to one another. At least not me and my friends or my significant others. One of the characters is from Ireland so he talks with a accent, and there are times where the author was not consistent with the accent. 
The sex scene are hot, passionate, and very frequent. ( that is a good thing!) But it is also funny...I don't know what I would do if a guy said some of the things Kon said to me during sex or just as a tease.... 
Also I do want to add... there were some spelling issues and some grammar issues... but you can tell what the word is suppose to be and what the author is trying to say. As a mom to kids im used to the grammar and spelling. 
Sidda is a strong woman and I can't wait to find out more about the characters in this series.

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