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The Blood She Betrayed Review


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October 30, 2013
Book 1 in the Heart Hunters series.
Thrust into the technology-driven Earthlands, Shahkara must find the ancient Elnara death lantern - the only thing that can save her homeworld from the heart-devouring Taloners.

She enlists the help of geeky billionaire Max McCalden, but soon finds that, as a half-Taloner herself, her blood demands what she knows she can't have - a human heart.

Shahkara longs for love, but as deadly enemies attack at every turn, will her lust for Max destroy them both?

Or will she find the strength to free both worlds from a threat more horrific than the demons that share her blood?
(Allowed by Author)
Rats scuttled into the shadows as the dungeon door creaked open and footsteps, only audible to a Taloner, tapped the stone floor. Hanging her head in shame, the princess refused to look
up until the queen’s distinctive perfume of hartshorn and tearose diffused the sickening stench of human waste.
            ‘Mother!’ Their fingers touched through the iron bars. Tears lashed her eyes.
            ‘Quickly!’ The queen unlocked the cell. ‘Nimue drugged the outer guards but we have little time.’
            A clammy sweat chilled her. ‘No, I will not run. I killed Jada and deserve my fate.’ She shuddered as she imagined the executioner’s axe at her neck.
            ‘Daughter, your destiny is a many times greater than Jada’s!’
            She blinked. For years, she had barely tolerated her mother’s distant, vacillating nature, but even these new, forceful tones could not sway her. ‘I am a monster! I should not be allowed to live.’
            ‘You are a Taloner with a human heart. Take this! The fate of our kingdom now lies in your hands.’
            Her fingers cradled the proffered item: a key with a heart-shaped bow, wrought with a winged figurine – a dragon.
            ‘This compass will lead you to the Elnara.’
            The Elnara? The death lantern that could destroy all Taloners with a single pulse was legend. ‘Mother, that is a fairy tale.’
            ‘No. The Elnara exists, even if truth has been muddied by time.’
            Her fingers tightened around the key. ‘How long have you had this?’
            ‘It has been in the royal family for centuries but the Elnara is trapped in another dimension. Humans cannot survive that journey.’
            ‘But a Taloner can?’ Her heart caught in her throat. ‘If my father the King was a Taloner, he would have made this journey then. If I have talons, and neither he nor you are cursed with them, then from what did I come?’
            A shadow flitted across her mother’s face. ‘You must not ask.’


I was given a PDF of this book from the Author to do a honest review. I was very excited to read this book! It wasn't your normal Vampire, Warewolf,  YA fantasy novel. It was a new more urban fantasy. The author did a great job getting you to understand, relate and care about the characters... and even want to rip peoples hearts out.... or have their heads rolling on the floor. I loved the main characters Shah' and Max! There was so many twist and turns it was great!!! I hated having to put the book down!  I read alot of books... try to read a couple a week.. and you know there are books that you know whats going to happen before it happens... this is not that kind of book! I loved it and will have to read the second book! If you enjoy reading a romance novel, action, "sifi", or PA book this is your book! If you want a change of scenery this is the book! 

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