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Ana Be Still by R. Hoolland Review

Author: R. Holland
Published: Dec. 2012
Pages: 129

“While you were out…There was a war…between the humans…and the vampires. I don’t think the humans won.”

“Well whoopity-doo! When are we ever not at war?” 

What would you do if you woke up one morning and the world was changed, never to be the same again?

Analisa Still (also known as Analisa Slayter) has just found out that everything she thought she knew about her life was a lie. To make matters worse, her parents have taken her to a compound for training. Total strangers seem to know more about who she is, what she is and what she was born to do than she does. And someone at the compound wants her dead. When the compound is attacked and the world overrun with vampires (and something else), Ana is forced to team up with the unlikeliest of allies. Thinking her betrothed is dead, Ana soon falls in love with one of her vampire comrades all while vowing to kill the vampires that killed her sister.

This book is recommended for ages 19 and up due to gory and graphic language.

"As we walked down the hall, I noticed other doors. It reminded me of a hotel, or apartment building. But instead of hotel numbers  each door had a name on it. Hendricks, Timpson, Ramsey. I figured they were all last names. I turned to see if my last name was on my door as well as I did, he reached as he was going to pull me back around. If her touched me, I was going to kick him right in his manhood. I didn't care how good he looked. I was not in the mood for his bullshit."

The book starts off with the narrator talking about this vamp, then goes in to first person as a seeker then back to the narrator then back to the seeker so you have to be careful to not get confused. I had to back track to make sure I didn't loose my self for a moment. It is a story about a young girl who seems to be a laid back girl; sarcastic teenager. She just lost her sister and her soon to be niece or nephew. In the story she learns that her parents kept a deep secret from her and has to go through a major life changing event. She falls in love... twice..... while learning all her new talents and gifts. In the end the author did a great tease to make you want me... like I do!!! That is one thing I love! I have a idea how the story will turn out but I can't wait to read the twist and turns Ana has to go through to learn about her new gift and how to "save the world" along with her "new found friends" life again. 

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Amy K McClung~Author

Please visit Amy's Blogspot she is a YA author of the Parker Harris Series! If your into Paranormal books, Vampires, Werewolves then you would love her books! 

The Dark Moon Review!!!

The Dark Moon (Parker Harris Series Book #3)
by Amy K. McClung

Published Date:
May 5, 2013
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Book #3 of The Parker Harris Series. This book picks up from the moment we left off in book two. Quinn received a call from Parker stating Will is alive. Quinn drops everything to rush to her aid. Will he make it in time or will his father stop him? Parker and Mitchel's feelings are not going away and they begin to take a toll on Mitchel's relationship with Jackie. Everyone seems to have a secret they are keeping from Parker and it seems they have feel "there's something she should know" and now is the time. Parker is overwhelmed with all the new information coming her way. Parker's secret life as a werewolf is on the brink of being exposed.


All I could say after reading this book was wow! Honestly I cried so many times reading this book... I love authors who can get the reader that close to the people in the book that your emotional for them during there hard times, sad times, etc. I did like the way she ended the book... she had me scared for a minute. I wanted to yell at Parker for a sec... I cant wait til the next series comes out with "little man". I will def read that book! 

Dreams, Spells, and Moonlight Tales Review

Dreams, Spells and Moonlight Tales

Author: Amy K. McClung
Pages: 278
Published Date:
December 18,2012
Rating: 4/5
This is Book #2 of The Parker Harris Series. (Cascades of Moonlight Book #1) Parker Harris desires a normal life, but it's just not in the cards for her. Parker is a werewolf. She has been for three years now. It’s the summer after she graduated high school and she is preparing for college. If only grades and college classes were her only worries. Parker and Jackie are trying to mend their fractured friendship from her betrayal. Jackie and Mitchell are working on their relationship, fighting jealousy and trust issues of their own. Quinn, a vampire, is the love of Parker’s life. He begins to look into his family’s past and what he finds is not pretty. In fact, it could mean the end for his relationship with Parker. A mistake from Parker's past is revealed and proves to be more enormous than she realized. Dreams—Parker is having dreams and visions of Will. She can’t decipher real from illusion it seems. Spells—Charisma, a new friend to the group, brings magic into the fold. Moonlit Tales—it seems that the full moon is not only a time for Parker to feel the pain of shifting. It’s also a time for unexplained occurrences and secrets being revealed. Can Parker and Quinn's love survive the obstacles they encounter? Is Jackie trustworthy? Are Parker’s feelings for Mitchell becoming too strong for her to ignore? Dreams, Spells, and Moonlit Tales summarize the events of Parker's life in this book.


I felt like there was alot of up and downs in the Dreams, Spells, and Moonlight Tales. Just like a teenagers life. It started off with the four of them getting a house close to collage and Parker and Mitch signs up for classes. They meet a friend of Quinn's from years before ... a witch. Then Quinn and Parker go to his home town and found some devastating news... 
This book was better paced and the moods were not a roller coaster as the first book. 
Amy McClung does a good job making you relate to the story, pulling you in. I love the fact that the book kept you guessing what was going to happen next. Amy would totally surprise you with the twist in events that would happen. I do recommend this for a YA... there is sexual content in the book but not detailed....

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Cascades of Moonlight Review

Cascades of Moonlight 

(The Parker Harris Series)

Author: Amy K. McClung
Published Date: May 13,2012
Where to purchase: 

Parker Harris was a normal teenage girl with a normal teenage life. That was true until two years ago when she was bitten by a werewolf, forcing her to endure the painful shifting each month during the full moon. She has kept this secret from everyone she loves. One day a stranger enters her small town and knows this secret. Nothing ever happens in the small town of Cascade Idaho, and new people rarely move in, but its Parker's senior year now and two new faces show up in town.  Shortly after their arrival, there is a brutal murder which becomes the first in Cascades history.

Softly he whispered, "I know you're a werewolf, hon. When did you first turn?"
I gasped, glanced around to see if anyone was listening, and said in a loud whisper, "Werewolf? Are you crazy? I'm not a werewolf, there's no such thing!"
Panic rose in my chest, I could feel my legs shaking. My heart was racing, wondering how he could know that from just meeting me. Quin sat back, folded his arms across his chest and said, sardonically, "Really? Your going to play it like that?"
Getting angry now I scoffed "Look here, I dont know what you think you know, but if your trying to say I smell like a dog or even look like one... Well, you're really not making a friend here!"

When I was asked to read and review this book I was excited! I love Paranormal books. Reading a book about a young girl who was just his normal girl who had a best friend, went to school, parents worked all the time so she basically took care of her self. Sounded like the average teenager or young adult, Until she was attacked. She was the only one she had when it came to her change... she was scared to confide in anyone, scared they wouldn't accept her. Which too many young people today hide there true self to keep from being 'pushed out'. But as she finds out later in the book it was the opposite of what she expected... she not only found her love but her best friend for eternity. 
The story has many twist in it which completely describes a teenage life... She meets new people has trouble figuring out who to trust when everyone lies to her. 
The Author Amy McClung is a new writer this was her first book of her first series. I enjoyed reading this book and can not wait to start the next book. I do feel like at times the story was rushed like maybe she could of made some things a little more detailed or longer to give more of a pull to the story... I love books that can make the reader feel like they are there, and she did a great job doing that, but in some places i felt like she rushed it. 
I do recommend this book... I hope it teaches young people today to be themselves and not be scared to tell the ones who love you who or what you are in fear of them not accepting you. 

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Hey ! Just wanted to check in I am new to this so I hope I can be a help to some ! If u have a book you want me to read so I can review please let me know !!! I'm in the mist of reading a book .. can't wait to share what I think of it !