Friday, January 24, 2014

Caged in Darkness Review!

Caged In Darkness

By JD Stroube

 January 7, 2014
Pages: 294
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Book Description

A witch raised in a cage of darkness... 

Savannah Cross was born into a life of isolation and abuse. As a child, she witnessed her parents perform acts of malevolent evil, and now feels permanently tainted by their dark deeds. 

When a coven discovers a tear stricken child, wounded on their elders lawn, they offer her a sanctuary she has never known. Savannah spends the next several years shattered, continuously looking over her shoulder, waiting for the darkness to claim her. 

On her 16th birthday, Savannah’s life takes a drastic turn.She is consumed by overwhelming power that forever alters her emotionally and physically. 

She must choose between two loves; the one who taught her to smile or the darkly seductive stranger who tempts her towards another path. Savannah must decide between the coven that was her haven and another one vying for her initiation. Just as Savannah begins to grasp what fate has in store for her, an evil looms over her loved ones; coming to claim an unbreakable debt. 

How will she choose and survive the greatest evil she has ever witnessed... long enough to have a choice to make?

I want to start off by saying "Wow", I was unable to put the book down until I found out what happened and how they were done! I mean it! I had to push back my shower (which I normally take while kids are napping)!!!! 

This is a story about a young girl who was born a witch. Her mother and her father, who once was good witches, had gotten addicted to the power and became dark witches. When this happened they caged Savannah in a caged, would only let her out to bath when they couldn't take the smell anymore, just neglect her all together. When Savannah was 9 she escaped and found her self where her parents where once in a coven at. Savannah is taken in and taken care of. Weeks before her 16th birthday, Savannah discovers things from her past that might change her future for the worst.

I was not sure I would like this book. I was kinda skeptic on the whole Wiccan idea, thought it would be like a Charmed or The Craft and didn't think someone could live up to them. Well... I loved this book! I have already added her next book to my list to purchase! There was some notion to sex.. but nothing a Mature teenager would be "harmed" by if they read. 
All authors have a style to them in their writing that you have to get used to before you get in the flow of the book. I did not have any problems here!

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