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Strange Visions: The Beginning

Strange Visions: The Beginning

by: Mitchell Grace
Published : January 14,2014
Pages: 257
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This is a story about a young man who is no one special. While everyone around him seems to seamlessly fall into place, he simply can’t find a way to belong. Through a freak accident, he suddenly sees the world through different eyes. He understands how everything and everyone works. What will he do with his new gift? After he finds out the identity of a certain murderer, that question is answered. What starts out as something that was amazing for a young man soon turns out to be a calling. How many people can he save, and how far will he go to try to do something that might be better off left alone?


I am going to be honest, I was not expecting to enjoy this book. But as I read I got into the book. I had to read it until I knew Trey, Ally, and Dan was okay. The author does a great job with details and luring you into the scene. I do feel that the book did drag on a little.... or maybe it was because I was anxious to know what happens! 
The story is about a ... would say normal but... less than average teenager, who was not the popular kid in school... he wasn't even in a clique in school. He had a crush on the woman of his dreams and a bully that liked to push him around. One day that all changed. He started having these "superpowers", a gift.... or was it? In the hopes of doing something useful with his gift he ended up getting him and a few friends from school involved in a dangerous mission. That could of cost them their life, and freedom. 
I will have to read more of his books ... esp so I can know what is happening next!!!!!

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